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Phone Call Recording

Call_Recording.jpgCall recording is mainly used for training purposes so that the customer experience can be improved.

Our call recording service can be set up on most of the numbers that we provide and the recordings can be listened to using 2 methods:

1) Email

We can email you with a wav file that contains the call. If the call is a long one the email may struggle to get to you as some mail boxes have 10mb limits for emails.

2) Online Control Panel

We can store the call recording using our online portal so that you can log in at anytime and listen to the call. It also allows you to download the call to your PC if necessary.

We are able to record a pre call prompt for you telling your customers that calls may be recorded for training purposes. It would go something like this “Thank you for calling COMPANY NAME, please note that calls are recorded for training purposes”. If you would like call recording added to your number please let us know what the email address is for the calls to be sent to or we will give you a secure access into our site to listen to the calls. It only takes a few minutes to establish call recording on your phone number.Please remember that we can only supply call recording on phone numbers that have been supplied by us.


Please call us on 0800 0016 222 to find out more!