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Business Call Whisper is a feature that let's you know when you have a call from your business line before the customer is connected.

Therefore, if you have your number routed to your personal landine or mobile or have several business coming through to one line you will always know where the call is coming from before the caller is connected.

This unique feature will ensure that you always answer your business number with your business name (There is nothing worse than answering the phone not knowing if it's a business call). 

Upon answering the phone, before the caller is connected you hear a whisper which will alert you that you have a business call and you will given the following 3 options:

Press 1.png to be connected straight to the caller.
Press 2.png the caller goes straight through to voicemail so you can hear the message they leave, as they leave it. You can Key (1) at anytime to speak to the caller.
Press 3.png to put the call directly through to voicemail.

Please note that this feature comes as standard with all our virtual numbers!