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Automated Telephone Payment

Payment-by-phone1.jpgCleartone can provide an Interactive Voice Response or IVR credit and debit card payment system. The product is capable of bringing remarkable benefits to your company. Automated systems will allow your customers to make credit and debit card payments 24 hours per day 7 days per week with no operator intervention.

By integrating credit and debit card payments in this way companies are able to reduce the workload in their call centre considerably. 

This Product Has The Following Features:

Bullet.png The Autopay facility guides callers through the transaction.
Bullet.png It handles different levels of payments
Bullet.png Once the payment is made, an email with whatever information requested is sent trough to your desktop
Bullet.png Funds can be dilivered directly to your bank account
Bullet.png The Autopay facility could even send an SMS (text message) confirmation to your mobile phone


Bullet.png Release staff from the burden of taking card payments
Bullet.png Establish Credability
Bullet.png Allow customers to pay for services without being present/or when they are on the move.
Bullet.png Enable those who are reluctant to pay online an alternate purchase facility with peace of mind
Bullet.png Alleviates any potential costly errors


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